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Xtreme Testimonials

After receiving my first order, I sent one packet to my grandson, a busy pre-med student and soccer player. He told his mom, "Wow, Grandma sent me some kind of AMESOME drink! I feel great! That was enough of a testimony for me.  I am now telling my other grandchildren and their parents they NEED it.
JoAnn G.
Sebring, FL USA

X2O is wonderful!  I have been using the product everyday for almost 2 months and my circulation problems have improved dramatically!  My wife also has told me I have that "sparkle" in my eye again.  Thank you for a great product that is improving my life!
Gary G.
Spring, TX USA

I install commercial satellite systems in Phoenix, AZ.  My first experience with Xooma's X2O was just yesterday.  It happened to be 111 degrees in the shade.  Immediately after consuming X2O, I experienced increased energy, which I had never felt in 111 degrees heat.  Feeling sluggish and constantly dehydrated is the norm here in the summer. but I did not feel that way yesterday.  (Much to my surprise.)

The only thing different about my day was the addition of Xooma's X2O.  It kept me going STRONG until the job was finished.  The increased stamina was incredible.  In fact, the other two Techs working with me wanted to quit early and finish the next day since the heat wiped them out midway through the job.  I just went ahead and finished it all on my own.  Next time though, THEY are drinking X2O too and we are ALL getting out of this insane heat faster together.  Thanks Xooma. When it comes to "beating the heat," X2O is this Arizonian's new "Best Friend."
Steven S.
Phoenix, AZ USA

After being involved in a fatal car accident that smashed my right hip to pieces, I went from a hyper active 18 year old, to a procrastinating, lethargic, 120kg (260 lbs) stressed out computer blimp with two chins and a third on the way. I knew I had to exercise and keep healthy, I thought about it everyday. Even that was exhausting.

I joined several gyms, I would go for the initial appraisal and never go back. I tried dozens of the latest and greatest pills, potions and miracle juices with great enthusiasm and high expectations but was totally under whelmed by their ability to relieve me of my money, only. It was really difficult to motivate myself mainly because of arthritic pain, stiff hip, walking sticks and being grumpy most of the time. I was so grumpy, I would get depressed if I saw someone happy, I would treat them with great suspicion, wondering what they were on.

After 90 days of adding X2O to my water, I have managed to be at the gym, swimming and exercising everyday for the past two weeks. I now weigh 100kg (220lbs), I have lost my walking stick and have more flexibility in my hip.

People are telling me I look a whole lot happier and I now smile when I see a suspicious looking happy person. Truly a remarkable experience on my part and quite unexpected because I did not get the usual change your life miracle story from Xooma that I so often got with the juice and pill products. All I got was, "use this green bottle, fill it with water and put this baggy thing in it, its good stuff!"  I didn't really expect anything with the mind blowing sales pitch "it's good stuff" but I did include it everyday, in my water and occasionally with my wine.

Now there's one place Xooma did make an immediate and noticeable difference in the wine. Just two bags in your cheap red & white wine bottle and try a taste test, it's amazing. It even shocked some of my wine expert buddies with the difference it made.

I have gone from a fat, lethargic, grumpy procrastinator, to an active, flexible, stress free, generally happy person.  Who would think a tiny sachet of high-grade minerals the size of your pinkie could produce such remarkable results.
Campbell S.
Carine, WA Austrialia

I have been drinking X2O just shy of a month and I have seen an overall benefit both internally and externally.  I have had people ask me what I was doing different with my skin and hair because they look revitalized and give me a glow.  I also noticed that drinking X2O helps with proper hydration internally.  I take all sorts of vitamins and supplements and they help keep things moving on the inside, but X2O has helped both my wife and me to be more regular.  My children love drinking the water. I posted a quote of mine on my website "X2O is water the way God meant it to be." And I believe this with all my heart.
Dr. Thomas M

Within 15 minutes of drinking my X20 I could feel my focus coming together and a boost in my energy level. The summer months normally deplete me of energy. We are in the hottest summer we have had in years and I have felt great. The only thing I have changed is drinking X2O in my water. This is a winning product.
Mark B.
Grove, OK USA

I have been on the product for 3 weeks and I feel wonderful. I have had stiffness in the finger joints for about 6 months. Now after 3 weeks of taking X2O my knuckles are feeling 100 percent better. I also have dropped 10 pounds off my weight.
Leslie S.
Vandalia, MO USA

I was told X2O would give me lots of energy. But what got my attention is when I was told that the little tea bag that we put in water not only had 70+ minerals in it, but can raise your pH. When I received the X20, I placed one in my water bottle, and 15 minutes later I was feeling the energy I had when I was about 3 years old.

My wife Jean and I play racquetball 2 to 3 times per week. We play 3 games as hard as we can go, and we're not even tired thanks to X2O.
Louie M.
Tacoma, WA USA

I have been taking X2O now for about 6 days and I feel great.  After taking it the first day within half an hour I felt the difference.  The only way I can describe it is I felt very "refreshed." I have defiantly noticed a boost in my energy levels, and a general feeling of well-being.

I am only drinking one bottle of X2O a day but will increase to two or more now that I have increased my shipment.

Xooma and X2O certainly get my seal of approval. 
Nick K.
Spalding, LINC UK

I have been an athlete all my life, playing most every sport known to man. I love to run and lift weights. I have lifted weights since I was ten years old and I still run and lift weights now at age 63.
I continued to play sports after high school and while in the Army and city league sports. In my early 30`s, I started competing in Power lifting and in my 40`s went on to become a World Masters Power lifting Champion in the 242lb. body weight class. In the masters division, I set State, National and World Records, with lifts of over 750 lbs in the dead lift and squat. Hydration and electrolytes are very important when it comes to lifting heavy weights. I would have loved to have X2O back in those glory days.

I stopped competing in Power lifting on that level after age 48. I then continued to run and lift weights but not nearly as heavy as when I was competing at the international level.

The next 10 years of working out was getting harder and harder for me to keep up. I started slowing down and didn't really look forward to my workouts like I had in the past. And the aches and pains were getting worse.

I was having pain in my shoulders and ankles due to arthritis and my lungs would not give me the oxygen I needed to run like I wanted to.

When I discovered this product, I noticed right away that I had a huge increase in my lung capacity and the pain in my shoulders and ankles were starting to go away.

I started getting faster and stronger again. I wasn't really sure what was going on until I stopped taking the product for a while. As soon as I stopped taking it, I would be gasping for air and I would be sore from lifting. I now go to the gym and run my 200-meter sprints and work out with 300 lb. weights like I was 20 years old again. Before I was tired, sore and would be breathing very hard. Now, I breeze through my workouts and look forward to the next one with no aches or pains.  I just consider it my secret weapon against old age.

I love competition, so my wife and I joined a runners club and started training for our 1st 5-K road race. We started running at least one 5-K race every month. We then went on to run in the world-renowned 10 mile Crim Race in Flint, Mi. and now we run in that race every year. We ran our 1st half Marathon [13.1 miles] in Detroit last October. We could have never done any of this without the help of the X2O.

We are now taking 3 times the amount we were taking before. So, now we have even more energy because we now use X2O in all the water that we drink all day long. 
Mitch M.
Midland, MI USA

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