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More Xtreme Testimonials

I am so thrilled to send you my testimonial from taking X2O.  I started my program just a couple of short weeks ago.  I had torn the ligaments in my right knee and had had swelling in that knee for about 3 years.  After only 5 days of taking the X2O product, the swelling in my knee has gone completely down.  What a phenomenal thing!  My energy is astounding and I am so excited about my future with Xooma.

Since my surgery a few months ago, I have been getting up at least four times during the night to change clothes because I would be drenched.  I was constantly tired all day. The first night I took X2O, I slept all night without any night sweats and all day yesterday and today I had no hot flashes!! I am so excited. 

Since taking X2O, I have been full of energy and not feeling that mild depressed "lull."  I have tried so many different creams for these maddening hot flashes and I also asked my doctor to increase my hormone patch and

I was not expecting to get relief from this.  Since I drink so much water. It made sense.

Well, now I'm telling everyone about it. even guys. I'm sure they know some woman who is looking for an answer.  I will be forever grateful to God, Xooma and my 'telephone friend' Carl Boyer for sharing this information.
Donna H.
Sunrise, FL USA

I am a diabetic and have had both feet amputated.  I have had a big problem with it healing all the way.  I have what the doctors call a 'skarkle foot.' I was having a lot of drainage from that tissue.  In fact, there was so much drainage; I would be wet half way up my leg.  The doctor was talking possible surgery to take out some more soft tissue.  After drinking Xooma for 5 or 6 days, the drainage started getting to be less and less.  Just a few short days and there was NO MORE drainage and my leg was pretty much healed up.  I didn't change anything else in my diet, so must have been the X2O.
Tom D.
Kildeer, IL USA

I love this product.  As a matter of fact my husband is on home life-support as a result of final stage emphysema, COPD, colon cancer and heart problems. He had to go to the hospital 11 days ago for a very very bad infection at the base of his cranium.  They did several blood and urine tests his chemical balance for all of his electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, etc were all very bad.  So, I started him on Xtreme X2O.  He had to return to the hospital day before yesterday they did the same blood and urine tests on him again and they "ALL CAME OUT PERFECT".  Further with his emphysema he requires oxygen 24 hours a day.  He did not take it with him this time to the hospital so they checked his oxygen saturations he was at 94 % on room air (No Oxygen on).  Prior to X2O he was only 74% on room air.   His lung doctor is in a state of total shock as to what happened and is going to try the X2O for himself.  He has never seen a patient's lungs heal enough to raise the O2 Sat levels like that he said in his 40-year history as a Critical Care Pulmonary doctor.  I think this company and product are great!!!!!!!!
Kathi H.
Puyallup, WA USA

Wanted to let you know what has happened to me most recently.  I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease, which doesn't have a know cure.  Also due to genetics I am pre-disposed to high cholesterol and triglycerides.  My cholesterol level has been over 400 for quite a while.  Also experiencing the aches and pains that come with age.

I went back three weeks ago to have my tests run again, and specifically my liver enzymes.  The enzyme test was normal and my cholesterol was at 200 and my triglycerides at 66.  My bone density was the level for a thirty year old female.  Not bad considering I am 33 years beyond that.  The doctor was quite surprised in making the comparisons from just six months ago.  The only thing different is X2O, which I drink 2-3 times per day.

Thanks Xooma for allowing me to be young and healthy again.
Marlene E.
Houston, TX USA

I was in excruciating pain couldn't stand up straight, I called the doctor they told me I had Kidney Stones. So I began research regarding natural remedies for this ailment.

I simply read the contents of such remedies, and the overall result was to increase your mineral intake with mostly calcium, magnesium, and potassium and to raise your pH level along with 2 liters of water.  It made me think I already have this remedy in X2O.
I used X2O in a liter bottle. I drank two bottles with X2O and it immediately eased my pain.  I woke up this morning feeling back to normal again.
I am amazed at this product and its abilities to help with my particular health issue. It's sure better than a day or two in the hospital. 
Marilyn W.
Muskogee, OK USA


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